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Mata Ni Pachedi

Sanjay Manubhai Chittara 

Sanjay Manubhai Chittara Artist.jpg

Sanjay Manubhai Chittara is a traditional artist who started learning his craft at 12 years of age under the able guidance and tutelage of his father, also an artist. Both he and his father received the National Award for their work. Interestingly, the son and student was recognised for his work a few years before the father and guru!


His entire family going back three centuries, and now the next generation, are all artists and he considers them to be the last remaining family of artists using the Mata ni Pachedi style, with knowledge of the tradition.


Sanjay is an innovative artist who has played with the traditional composition of, and colours used in, the paintings to make them more appealing to the modern buyer of art. He has participated in several exhibitions and shows across the country.  

Mata ni Pachedi Art
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