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Anuradha - Founder of Anrad Gallery


I founded Anrad back in 2018 to promote the traditional arts of India. These include tribal, folk and textile arts that are such a wonderful element of the unique culture of India. 

I got to know several of the master artists I now work with when I moved to live in India for a few years. My appreciation for their incredible talent and artistic vision was heightened by an understanding of the unique role they play in bringing a bit of culture, and mysticism, into their art. They create wonderful artworks that are visually stunning aids that connect us with the higher aspect deep within our being.


As a platform for their talent, I work with artisans from all over the country to source and commission paintings, and some embroideries, to enhance your home/work space. I am committed to serving the global Indian diaspora whilst also working to bridge the gap between the international community and our artisans, who don’t have a platform such as this to showcase their talents and sell their work.

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