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Jyoti Lal Karn

Jyoti Lal Karn Artist

Jyoti Lal Karn was born in the Madhubani district of Bihar and spent her early years observing and dabbling in the art practiced by the women in her family. Shunning it to study and work in the corporate world, she soon left to return to the practice of her art.

She says of herself, “I am an artist who specializes in Mithila paintings since childhood, which is a combination of both “Kachani” (line painting) and “Bharani” (color painting). I was schooled by my own mother and later, after marriage, my mother-in-law, a National Award winning artist, Moti Karn. She further helped me sharpen my skills.

I have been practicing art for over 12 years now and use broomsticks as brushes and natural colours from crushed flowers mixed with natural gum. This paste is then left to sit for 48hrs, resulting in darker colours which is strained through a cloth. Sourcing the flowers is a skill in itself - and I look to the flowers found in my surroundings like Bougainvillea, Aparajita and Palash that make rich and vibrant colours. I am trying my best to preserve this art form from being commercialised by preserving, and practicing, its’ traditional  form.”

Jyoti has conducted workshops for interested students of Madhubani art and exhibited her works through out India. She has also picked up a few awards recognising her talents from well regarded craft organisations. We look forward to seeing her grow and develop as an artist in the years to come.

Moti Karn (1960 - )

Moti Karn Artist

Moti Karn is the daughter of Karpoori Devi - a nationally recognised Madhubani artist - and daughter-in-law of Jagdamba Devi - a nationally recognised recipient of the Padma Shree, the highest award for the arts. A holder of the tradition like no other, Moti is herself a recipient of the National Award for craftsmanship and contribution to the development of Madhubani art along with other accolades.

She describes her relationship with the arts in these words, “On festive occasions I used to assist my mother in making paintings on the walls and the floor, especially ‘Kobhar’,  which is an integral part of the matrimonial rituals of Mithila and other crafts. From childhood I had a strong passion for learning traditional art as and I devoted most of my time to learning these arts & crafts. After I got married, I specialized in this art form under the skilful guidance of my mother-in-law, Late Smt. Jagdamba Devi, and my husband Late Satya Narayan Lal Karn helped me boost my expertise.”

Aside from painting and exhibiting her works in India and overseas, Moti also conducts workshops to teach people of all ages the intricacies of Madhubani art forms.

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