Welcome to Anrad Gallery

Posted by admin on Mar, 25, 2019

Welcome to our Gallery … where we share with you our love for traditional arts. Both Radhika and I are aficionado’s of our Indian heritage, be it ancient literature, natural medicine, yoga, music or arts and crafts. The interest in heritage is not restricted to our country of birth, though. It’s just that Anrad is young and new and so is, at the moment, only able to stretch its’ resources to India. It will grow and expand to include more art forms from India, and from other countries, I am sure, as time goes on.

The idea of bringing the traditional folk and tribal arts of India to the West came about at an opportune moment for both of us. I had moved back to London after 10 years living and working in the Far East and India; Radhika, after a decade in the US. Meeting again after this hiatus was lovely, especially as our children had blossomed and grown, leaving us with more time to contemplate our ‘last 30’ as it were … what did we want to do during this stage of life? Did life in a ‘job’ hold any meaning now? Would we even get a job? Could we do something that would hold greater meaning? Might that be something that could help connect us with what we loved? Could we possibly work to sustain some aspects of our heritage – that, sadly, seemed destined to fade into oblivion as our collective attention is diverted toward the new?

And so there came a day almost a full year ago when we sat down to register our company with a long list of meaningful names, brainstormed over several days … and ANRAD Gallery Ltd. was born – not as meaningful or exotic a name as we had hoped in the days leading up to incorporation!  Here we are almost a year since we started, presenting our first collection comprising 10 styles of traditional painting and embroidery drawn from several states in India. We have attempted to present through our collection art that varies from contemporary interpretations of traditional themes all the way to the ‘real’ thing. Each painting is unique and vibrant, and one can’t help but admire the easy mastery these folk artists bring to their chosen canvas.

The paintings on the site are available with us for sale – you can email us to learn more about any of them. We can also commission works in each style to suit specific requirements.

Through this blog, we will share with you some of the stories to which the artists turn for inspiration, and we invite you to join us as we journey through the country learning about the styles and the influences that inspire our artists as they create their masterpieces.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do … Anu and Radhika